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Build New Home Construction Gray, Lewiston, Portland, Maine

New Construction 

Get the best of the best. Build a new home and there will be no need to worry about old pipes, outdated bathrooms, leaky roofs, or other issues that creep up with buying an older home. Choose an experienced contractor for peace of mind.


Building Contractor Gray, Portland, Lewiston, Maine

New Construction 

When considering what size home you want to build, there are some factors to keep in mind.  Will you want an extra bedroom for house guests? Do you frequently entertain family or guests? Do you plan on growing your family? If you run your own business, will you need some office space?

New Construction Home Builder Lewiston, Portland, Gray, Maine

New Construction 

Size of your home is not everything. Just because you have more square footage does not mean that it is better quality. We construct large, medium, or even smaller size homes with the same great construction quality.

Golf Course Condo Construction Lewiston Road Gray

New Construction 

Single Family Condo to be completed next month at Spring Meadows Estates in Gray, Maine. There are also Two-Family Townhouses under construction. Check out this condominium development overlooking Spring Meadows Golf Club in Gray, Maine. Give us a call at (207)671-7093 for more information.


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